Interview Transcript 2018

My first UPSC interview in 2019, Satyavati Ma'am as board chairman, afternoon slot. 

Chairwoman (Satyavati ma'am):

  1. What is the meaning of 'Dhatri' (my name)? Do you know who in our mythology is known as the child of the Earth?
  2. What was your work in Deustche bank? Did you work on preparing prospectus?
  3. Which clients have you worked on?
  4. What kind of nukkad did you perform? Did you present solutions too?
  5. What is Clinton Global Fellowship? (mentioned in my DAF)
  6. What is the NGO you founded? Who were its members?
  7. What is NDT (in metallurgy)?


  1. The US has become self-sufficient in its fuel requirements, how? What do you know about shale gas - how to extract?
  2. What materials can help in dealing with environmental degradation?
  3. Do you suggest any changes we need to make in UPSC syllabus?


  1. What is the physiological process of poison?
  2. Can you say good morning in Sanskrit?
  3. What materials are used in agri sensors?
  4. Opinion on Syria issue.
  5. Should we allow private universities in India? Do we need foreign faculty?


  1. What would you say are the important ways to empower women?
  2. Steps to be taken at household level? 
  3. Give me statistics of which states are doing well?
  4. If you have to present solutions to environmental degradation in nukkad natak, what would you present?


  1. How to deal with arsenic in ground water? (He then went on to explain the findings of a random UNDP research report on this topic)
  2. How to remove bio contamination in vegetables?
  3. Green, white and pink revolutions - which of these was more important for India?


  1. Could you even answer the questions what you have been asked. I would like to know whether you have answers all the questions or not?
    If not how did you respond to that particular question?

    Thank you

  2. I really appreciate you for writing the questions public asked in interview for the aspirants to feel how will be the interview.A very good gesture and attitude towards importance of guidance.Congrats on becoming an IAS in present days of Indian poitical Governance and ,wish you all the best.

  3. I would like to talk to you sister I need your guidance

  4. This is venkatesh mattam medam interview is easy task or difficult task medam

  5. Medam intrew english Or telugu

  6. Madam congratulations for u r rank.... Mam may I get a giduance from u... To get good rank as like u

  7. Congratulations DHATRI mam n all the very best n GOD BLESS U

  8. Congrates medam .t news ur interw gaidlence supet mem

  9. Congratss mam.. Thank you for sharing valuable info with us

  10. mam can you give me your still I"ve some doubts mam

  11. Thanks for giving such a huge information madam

  12. Thank you so much mam for providing us brief details on interview

  13. Mam please share your 2019 exam experience and also strategy pls

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