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Interview Transcript 2019

Second UPSC interview - BB Vyas Sir as board chairman, afternoon slot. My interview was in pre-Covid days.  Score - 204. Chairman (BB Vyas): Difference between major and minor minerals. (He asked me this after looking at my DAF which mentioned my graduation as BTech in Metallurgy. Technically, question is related to mining, but board seldom understands those differences. I was prepared to answer such questions before hand as far as possible) Any change Govt brought regarding these. Do you know about recent Vizag BIMSTEC event? Why is BIMSTEC needed? Will ASEAN fade away? Coal sector - changes made by India. Can we highlight that point in road shows abroad (I had mentioned regarding allowing private sector mining, so he wanted me to clarify if foreign companies were also allowed through this question) Impact of coal mining (I asked for clarification if he has any specific aspect in mind, he replied impact on everything, answered accordingly) M1: What would you do if not civil services?

PDFs of Notes

 Please find below the PDF links of all my notes. I received many messages where readers reported issues with viewing the notes in Evernote, hope these PDFs are more useful. Thanks to 'Our Study' for taking the pain of compiling these PDFs. Prelims GS1 GS2 GS3 GS4 Sociology Committee Reports


Sociology can be an overwhelming subject for beginners. Especially for those from non-humanities background. I faced something similar when I realized in my coaching classes for the first time that Sociology itself can be defined in many different ways. While it can take time to get your head around the terminology and understand basic concepts, once you give it time, you can get comfortable with the subject. My approach I had enrolled for coaching at Vajiram for Sociology. It was good to begin with as it made me well acquainted with the basic terms and concepts. But that's about it. Rest of the work was done by myself. I made my own notes from multiple sources, wrote answers for previous years questions, gave several tests before the exam day. Making notes: The most important part of preparation. Even if you not a "notes person", I urge you to consider making notes for Sociology. This will help you in revision and retaining things else you could get lost in the

Sociology Mock Tests

Sociology Mock Test 1 Sociology Mock Test 2 Sociology Mock Test 3 Sociology Mock Test 4 Sociology Mock Test 5 Sociology Mock Test 6 Sociology Mock Test 7 Sociology Mock Test 8 Sociology Mock Test 9 Sociology Mock Test 10 Sociology Mock Test 11 Sociology Mock Test 12

Sociology Notes

Below I have shared my complete notes. It is a compilation of different sources that I've read during the course of my preparation. Apart from these, I made short notes (similar to my GS notes), in order to be able to revision multiple times in the shortest time. TOPIC WISE NOTES PAPER 1 Sociology - The Discipline Sociology as Science Research Methods and Analysis Sociological Thinkers: Karl Marx Emile Durkheim Max Weber Talcolt Parsons Robert K. Merton Mead Stratification and Mobility Works and Economic Life Politics and Society Religion and Society Systems of Kinship Social Change in Modern Society PAPER 2 (A) Introducing Indian Society (B) Social Structure (C) Social Changes in India Systems of Kinship in India Population Dynamics Social Movements in Modern India Challenges of Social Transformation

Interview Transcript 2018

My first UPSC interview in 2019, Satyavati Ma'am as board chairman, afternoon slot.  Chairwoman (Satyavati ma'am): What is the meaning of 'Dhatri' (my name)? Do you know who in our mythology is known as the child of the Earth? What was your work in Deustche bank? Did you work on preparing prospectus? Which clients have you worked on? What kind of nukkad did you perform? Did you present solutions too? What is Clinton Global Fellowship? (mentioned in my DAF) What is the NGO you founded? Who were its members? What is NDT (in metallurgy)? M1: The US has become self-sufficient in its fuel requirements, how? What do you know about shale gas - how to extract? What materials can help in dealing with environmental degradation? Do you suggest any changes we need to make in UPSC syllabus? M2: What is the physiological process of poison? Can you say good morning in Sanskrit? What materials are used in agri sensors? Opinion on Syria issue. Should we allow