Interview Transcript 2019

Second UPSC interview - BB Vyas Sir as board chairman, afternoon slot. My interview was in pre-Covid days. 
Score - 204.

Chairman (BB Vyas):

  1. Difference between major and minor minerals. (He asked me this after looking at my DAF which mentioned my graduation as BTech in Metallurgy. Technically, question is related to mining, but board seldom understands those differences. I was prepared to answer such questions before hand as far as possible)
  2. Any change Govt brought regarding these.
  3. Do you know about recent Vizag BIMSTEC event?
  4. Why is BIMSTEC needed?
  5. Will ASEAN fade away?
  6. Coal sector - changes made by India.
  7. Can we highlight that point in road shows abroad (I had mentioned regarding allowing private sector mining, so he wanted me to clarify if foreign companies were also allowed through this question)
  8. Impact of coal mining (I asked for clarification if he has any specific aspect in mind, he replied impact on everything, answered accordingly)


  1. What would you do if not civil services?
  2. How is steel sector doing?
  3. What is steel import duty?
  4. Should voting be made mandatory?
  5. Debate regarding decreasing budget for a constituency if low voting turnout, she gave Mumbai example after 1993 (This turned out to be a strong discussion where Ma'am had a view that voting has to be mandatory. I was against it and expressed it forthrightly. She kept countering all my points and we had a good debate on the same, at the end of which she agreed with me with a nod and a smile)
  6. Is metallurgy suitable for women? What kind of job opportunities are available for them?


  1. Meaning of Dhatri. (I knew this was coming. In fact, expected it sooner)
  2. Why IAS after IPS? Why are you leaving IPS?
  3. What are your top choices in services?
  4. What is Deustche Bank's rank in Fortune 500 list? (I worked there before joining IPS)

M3: (This was again a bit of a lively debate, I felt I was able to express my views very clearly when he asked me these questions)

  1. Why did you shift from Engineering to Investment Banking and now to civil service?
  2. Are you not wasting public money? 
  3. Brain Drain issue (As a follow up to my answer)
  4. Should civil servants enter politics?
  5. Difference between dramatics vs drama and act (my hobby in DAF)
  6. Did you read anything on dramatics?
  7. What's your favorite play and its author?

M4: (Easy questions on policing and related topics, as expected and prepared before hand)

  1. Which act was least amended - among IPC, CrPC and IEA?
  2. Malimath Committee.
  3. SMART policing full form.
  4. As a woman cop how will you address domestic violence?
  5. How to decrease corruption in Police?
  6. Andhra model of tackling Naxalism? Why was it so successful? Can it be replicated?


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